Western Cape Premier Helen Zille names MOSAIC as a 110% Green flagship

MOSAIC Private Sanctuary’s 110% Green commitment is to unit conservation, our community, and sustainable travel to the Cape Whale Coast; to further conserve our land, improve the well being of impoverished people in Stanford, and provide a premier holiday experience to our guests, to experience the magnificent resources of our area: fynbos, birds, mammals, insects, marine life and history.

Mosaic 110% Green

The Western Cape Government is spearheading a number of initiatives in an effort to make the Western Cape the Green Economic Hub of Africa.  The 110% Green Initiative provides a platform that stimulates people and organizations to build an innovative and dynamic Green Economy.  Helen Zille, Western Cape Premier, stated “it is a call for 110% commitment – that is what is needed to make the paradigm shift to connect environmental preservation and economic growth . . .  It is our hope that organizations will pick up the flag and invest in ways that support green growth.”

We are pleased to announce that Premier Helen Zille honored MOSAIC Private Sanctuary as a 110% Green Organization at the High Tea on November 5, 2013, at the Premier’s home.  Our project proposal was submitted to 110% Green, evaluated and selected as part of the vibrant network of municipalities and organizations building an economy that connects the well-being of our environment with the growth of our local economy.  And, it is not all talk – our commitment requires action and reporting the impact to the economy.

MOSAIC is committed to clear alien vegetation on our land, grow organic vegetables for our hospitality food service and our staff, continue to participate in the Stanford Food Heroes program, use building techniques that creates a low carbon footprint, and install energy efficient fireplaces that use biomass pellets.  See our entire commitment here.

Although a significant pledge and responsibility to the Western Cape, The 110% Initiative aligns with our mission at MOSAIC – of renewal and restoration – renewal for those who stay here, but also restoration of hope and livelihoods through job creation and education, and restoration of the eco-system in our little corner of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

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