Shades of Pink


If you’re sitting on the deck outside the Lagoon Lodge, sipping a sundowner and taking in the sights, it’ll be more than the majestic Overberg Mountains catching your eye – a flamboyance of flamingos are enjoying the South African summer along the stretch of Hermanus Lagoon that is Mosaic Private Sanctuary.


Both Greater and Lesser flamingos can be sighted. The pinker of the species is the Lesser (listed as near-threatened), while the paler, and larger variety, is the Greater, and more common to the Cape Region. Lesser flamingos tend to be sighted predominantly north of Cape Town, but we’re lucky to enjoy their company right alongside Mosaic.


Both feed on shrimp and algae, although how they go about it is somewhat different. The black-tipped beak of the Greater flamingos can be seen submerging their heads in the mud, stirring up the water with their feet and filtering out their much-loved snacks, while Lesser flamingos are more “surface eaters.” Flamingos lay one egg a year, and live about six decades, which means a lot of algae consumption over a lifetime! If you’d like to learn more about these graceful birds, please do ask our guides on your next visit!


Mosaic and surrounds enjoy a rich birdlife, and coupled with the lagoon, and nearby Walker Bay nature reserve and beach, twitchers can enjoy a 5-star getaway with sightings to match.

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