Mosaic Rain Spa

“Irregularity is never a defect.
Handmade by definition
, means a glorious uncertainty when it comes to uniformity.
Handmade is tangible evidence that a human hand crafted something with care
and individuality. Rain Created for Living is all handmade,
Visit Mosaic Rain Spa to have a tailor made Rain experience”

Mosaic Private Sanctuary is proud to offer guests pampering treatments from our onsite Mosaic Rain Spa. Thanks to mother nature, our setting provides a tranquil, and soothing backdrop for your treatments, and coupled with products from Rain, it’s an experience worth indulging in. Read more about our Mosaic Rain Spa Menu here, or click on the images below.

Have you seen this video of RAIN AFRICA doing some fragrance foraging at Mosaic Private Sanctuary?


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