Kayaking Adventures on Hermanus Lagoon

Kayaking Hermanus - Adventures on the Hermanus Lagoon

Hermanus kayaking excursions on the lagoon take you from the worlds chaos, and place you in a world of stillness. Drift down the South African coastline and experience the serenity of this private getaway. Enjoy a morning cruise or a sunset ride as you get lost in the vastness of the ocean and the lagoon. Adored by adventurers and ponderers alike, we invite you to come aboard.

Whether you stay in the luxury of our Lagoon Lodge or the simplicity of our self-catering Cottages, kayak excursions are a must. Most excursions are to the Hermanus Lagoon. Being right in our backyard, its surreal views tend to capture our guests. There you will find calm waters, beautiful sunsets, and mountain ranges. If you are feeling adventurous, take the kayak to the open sea. There, the waters may roll a bit more, whales may draw near, and adventure will assuredly be beckoning at the door!

Kayaking comes with your stay at Mosaic, whether you choose to stay at the Lagoon Lodge or a Cottage. Make sure to book our kayaks to assure you can enjoy this experience. Sea kayaking (outside of the lagoon) is available as an extra for those staying in our lodge. Contact us for details on pricing and reservations. Kayaking Hermanus: live the adventure.

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