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Anyone who lives in or has visited the village of Stanford knows about the fabled 1892 Spookhuis on the Hermanus Lagoon, at the far end of the Stanford beach road. What you might not know is the wonder and beauty of this delightful sanctuary and what gifts await those who venture to visit!  The gorgeous […]

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MOSAIC Private Sanctuary’s 110% Green commitment is to unit conservation, our community, and sustainable travel to the Cape Whale Coast; to further conserve our land, improve the well being of impoverished people in Stanford, and provide a premier holiday experience to our guests, to experience the magnificent resources of our area: fynbos, birds, mammals, insects, […]

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Burrowed within the ancient milkwoods of South Africa you will find MOSAIC’s Safari Style Lagoon Lodge. Here, you will discover a place where time stands still, a place for contemplation and adventure. Our resort is located in Stanford, on the Hermanus Lagoon and Surrounded by the Overberg Mountains. We tend to think of ourselves as […]

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Hermanus Boat Whale Watching - MOSAIC Private Sanctuary

Hermanus is known as the world’s premier venue for whale watching. As part of your stay at our private sanctuary, we encourage you escape to the sea and experience the whales for yourself. Hermanus boat whale watching has long since been a guest favorite, and with the opportunity right it at your fingertips, it is […]

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Quad Biking Hermanus - Adventure through Fynbos

“Quad Biking Hermanus” equates to adventure, exploration, and seclusion in South Africa’s great terrain. You will ride along the edge of the lagoon and up to high points on Mosaic. There, 360 degree views of the ocean, lagoon, and mountains will accompany you. Along the way you will learn about magnificent flora, birds, mammals, and […]

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Hermanus kayaking excursions on the lagoon take you from the worlds chaos, and place you in a world of stillness. Drift down the South African coastline and experience the serenity of this private getaway. Enjoy a morning cruise or a sunset ride as you get lost in the vastness of the ocean and the lagoon. […]