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Weddings are a time for celebration – celebrating a new union, a new family, a new milestone. A wedding photographer is a key part of your day – quietly documenting the love and special moments shared between a couple starting on a grand new adventure together. This month we chat to renowned wedding photographer Kobus Tollig about shooting around the Cape, and why he loves capturing these moments from behind his lens at Mosaic Private Sanctuary.

You shoot weddings all over the beautiful Cape, what makes Mosaic Private Sanctuary special?
For me Mosaic is a peaceful part of heaven that has so many photo opportunities. The beautiful lagoon with the mountains, the sun setting exactly in the right place for amazing photos, the small roads and the stunning long jetty.

The Overberg has both gorgeous beaches, and spectacular mountain vistas – do you have a preference?
I think both offer great opportunities for beautiful images. Personally I do prefer the mountain vistas – and at Mosaic with the lagoon and jetty it gives me even more to play with.


Posed versus candid shots – how important is the balance of both?
It really depends on how comfortable couples are with each other and in front of the camera. I love to do more natural shots, and the more relaxed a couple is the more natural the photos will be. That said, I do posing also because I know that couples are not models and needs guidance from time to time. Often I see that natural shots and candid moments are the best.



With Winter’s arrival, do you have a hot wedding tip for couples?
Winter in the Overberg as anywhere else in the Cape is very unpredictable. It’s always nice if a bride can ask her designer to make something warm that will compliment her wedding gown. That way one can make it part of the couple shoot and the bride can stay warm.


About Kobus: I am situated in the abundantly beautiful Cape, where I am constantly surrounded by nature’s splendour. By incorporating the breathtakingly beautiful South African landscapes into my photographs I am able to capture the truly unique setting of your special day. Capturing the candid moments is what gives me a smile when I edit photos. I love people and my aim is to tell the story of love with my images. Contact: 0834517540, info@kobustollig.co.za www.kobustollig.co.za

Photos: Kobus Tollig.


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